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 Cherryblossom's Den

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PostSubject: Cherryblossom's Den   Cherryblossom's Den Icon_minitimeWed Mar 14, 2007 5:56 pm

Long ago, when there was a city crowded with Twolegs, there were stone towers, arches, and huge buildings. Over the gently rolling hills was a lone watch tower, most likely used to warn the citezens of oncoming danger. The Twolegs were wiped out or have moved on and those structures still stood, unwavered by the devestation.

As time wore on, the structures stood still, but became old and crumbling. Slowly but surely the very watch tower that warned the past Twolegs from harm fell from weak support. Rocks and boulders were strewn about, littering the small valley in which it resided in. One of those rocks was special though, it was rounded, and fell perfectly against the side of a nearby hill.

Time has passed agian. Plants grew and died, and many animals have ended up living in these overturned rocks, making burrows and dug deeper into the hill. Eventually, weeds started to grow and a huge bush of spiny briars formed as an effective barrier around the rounded stone. The grass under the rock stayed dead, as no light ever shone far enough to let it grow.

And there it stayed until another animal would make it its home.

Then, there was an animal. A cat by the name of Cherryblossom. She traveled with her Clan from the forests, marshes, moors, and rivers. The other fallen stones and bushes of briars formed the rest of the Clan's homes. Many shared living quarters, but Cherryblossom got this Den all to herself for only one reason; she was WindClan's Medicine Cat.

The only exception was her apprentice Eaglepaw; they both shared the den and helped the Clan cure ailments and illnesses. Under the rock, burrowed out and roomy, was the perfect conditions for Cherryblossom and her apprentice, for they could store herbs for treating cats within the hillside. It must have been big enough to fit three full-grown badgers into at once! The hollow under the hill was used to store all the herbs and within two other hollowed out parts of the hill, there were two beds, one for each Cherryblossom and her apprentice. On the left was the herbs and on the right was the hollowed out chambers for the beds. Cherryblossom took it in on herself to carve out slots in the hollow to make shelves for all of her herbs, including cobwebs, horsetail, poppy seeds, marigold, thyme, and other various berries and leaves. But up high on the wall is a small cleared space, in which deathberries and nightshade reside in. They are buried within the wall to prevent kits and other stupid cats from reaching their death producing after-effects. She has only told her apprentice, not even trusting her own leader to the information on them.

The beds were made of dried bracken, rabbit fur and moss, comfortable, sturdy, and warm during the nose-biting cold leaf-bares and leaf-falls. Only two could fit back there, but three others could be found in the main opening of the den. Of the same material and size, they are virtually no different than the ones in the storage area.

The roof and floor of the main opening is the rounded stone, acting like a greenhouse and keeping the whole den warm and snug from the cat's breathing. The barriers of briars were cut down just enough so one's fur doesn't get caught in them, but still be able to protect from intruders and the elements.

Over all, the WindClan Medicine Cat's Den is perfect for healing and taking care of the Clan. Now all it needs is for some stupid warriors to get hurt and come ambling in for help.

((Make a new thread for your cat's RP. This is only a description.))
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Cherryblossom's Den
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