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 Thorn [Rogue]

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PostSubject: Thorn [Rogue]   Thorn [Rogue] Icon_minitimeSun Mar 11, 2007 10:11 am

Name: Thorn

Age: 40 moons

Gender: Tom

Territory: Wanderer

Appearance: A small, mouse-brown tom, with a short, dull pelt. Coal-black eyes, beady and shiny, with no warmth in them, are centered on his face, and positioned quite close to each other. He is small, just slightly bigger than a kit, a result of stunted birth. His claws are thorn-sharp, and small, unable to do much damage, but when used well, can inflict enough to survive. His tail is small, and a slightly darker brown then the rest of his pelt. He's not very muscular, but fights as often as he must, but he prefers to run instead. He has naturally given speed, and intelligence. He looks kit-like and innocent, but that's most cats' down-fall.

Personality: He is a quiet and timid cat, who would do anything to save his life, even kill his best friend. He's unloyal and a liar, whose only loyalty lies with his current 'master'. He doesn't think for himself, making him all the more dangerous. He stays with one cat for many moons, untill they tire of him, and send him on, so he's seen a lot of the world. He's a good decoy because of his size, and his most frequent role in battle is darting under a cat, and clawing its tummy. Most cats underestimate him, although once he is sent on a killing mission, he is determined. He gets random spurts of anger, and will lose his temper every so often, saying things he never would. He is frequently tortured because he is almost useless, and is his punishment for messing up.

History: Thorn was born to a kittypet and a rogue, the root for his almost split personality. His father was strong, and brave, loyal and determined, but a rogue all the same. His mother was cunning and smart, but too much of a coward to put any of her ideas into action. They made the perfect team, meeting every moon, with the kittypet feeding the rogue a plan. Untill they fell in love. They had a kit, small and worthless in their opinion. In his father's opinion he wasn't smart enough, and in his mother's he was too much of a coward. In all truth, he was smarter than his father and braver than his mother, but they didn't care. For his mother, he wasn't nearly as good as his father, and his father thought he wasn't nearly as good as his mother. They named him Thorn, and with the good in his mother's heart, she kept him untill he could leave home. Thorn went from rogue to rogue, but they all either agreed with his mother or his father, and he was forced to move on. With each rogue he left he became faster and smarter.
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PostSubject: Re: Thorn [Rogue]   Thorn [Rogue] Icon_minitimeSun Mar 11, 2007 10:29 am

I see i see. It's....satisfactory.

Accepted. ^^

Foxstar~ Youngest WindClan leader
Dawnkit~ Fiery, tomish she-kit of RiverClan
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Thorn [Rogue]
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