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PostSubject: Greyflame   Greyflame Icon_minitimeSun Mar 18, 2007 5:00 am

Name: Greyflame

Age: 30

Gender: Tom

Territory: The Old Mill and the surrounding area.

Appearance: Greyflame isn't exactly a remarkable cat when it comes to looks. He's of normal size and weight, if a bit thin from the life of a loner. His fur is grey, and a tad scruffier than that of a Clanner. He has no imperfections in the color of his pelt, but his shoulders are scratched up and scarred from a scuffle he had with a rogue once. What makes him unique are his eyes. They are a deep reddish amber, and they burn as bright as any fire when gazed into. Extremely expressive, they betray his feelings even when he doesn't want them to.


Personality: Greyflame is a tom of few words. He rarely speaks to anyone, and doesn't really like company. Being alone to him is a peaceful way of life, without the hustle and bustle of Clanmates and Clan affairs. He doesn't hate the Clans, mind you, and has no quarrel with them, but simply would rather not be a part of them. He belives in StarClan, unlike many non-Clan cats. When he meets a new cat, however, Greyflame will attempt to be polite with them, and makes them feel welcome in the Old Mill, where he lives. Don't be fooled by his calm exterior, though. When provoked, Greyflame really lives up to the "flame" in his name. If anything he loves is threatened, he will defend it with his life.

History: Greykit was born to a loner she-cat named Flower and a RiverClan tom named Slashclaw. Needless to say, the union was forbidden by the Clan cats, so Greykit was kept a secret. He almost never saw his father, and when he did, it was a brief meeting. Slashclaw insisted on giving his only son a Clan name. Whenever he came to visit Flower and Greykit, he told his son stories of StarClan to strengthen his faith in the warrior ancestors. Flower didn't believe in StarClan, but gently accepted the fact of her son's faith. Flower did her best to keep Greykit away from rogues, but to keep away from them they had to constantly move around the loner lands, making it more difficult for Slashclaw to find them.
When Greykit turned six moons old, Slashclaw gave him an apprentice ceremony which a Clan leader would have scorned. It wasn't given by a leader, and for all they know StarClan probably didn't approve. Nevertheless, Greykit became Greypaw and began his training under Slashclaw. Greypaw's father taught him everything he knew, from fighting and hunting styles to swimming to charming she-cats. Their meetings grew longer during Greypaw's training, and soon the RiverClan leader began following Slashclaw out of the Clan, suspicious at his long disappearances. They were discovered during one of their training days, and the RiverClan leader took pity on Slashclaw. He offered Greypaw a chance to become a real apprentice and join RiverClan, and Slashclaw urged him to accept. However, Greypaw had inherited the peaceful love of solitude that his mother, Flower, sported, and politely declined the offer. The RiverClan leader kept the relationship secret from the Clan. He made Slashclaw promise to stop the meetings once Greypaw had finished his training, though, and he had to accept.
Greypaw proved his worth one greenleaf day when the rogues found his and his mother's hiding place in the colliseum. There were two of them; harsh, rowdy toms with an eye for the area Greypaw and Flower were living in. It was a comfortable set near the river on the border of RiverClan territory, and the rogues wanted it for their own. The young 'apprentice' came home from hunting one day to find his mother grappling with the scruffy rogues, and immediately threw himself between her and them. They only laughed at his bravery and proceeded to attack him, lusting for his blood. Slashclaw's training was not wasted on this young tom, who fought with a fire in his eyes that not even he himself had ever known. The rogues were overtaken by this young tom and Flower, who was not inexperienced at fighting; they left the two to find an easier patch of territory to claim. The battle was not without a price: Flower had many ugly gashes in her stomach that bled too much, and Greypaw was slashed heavily about the shoulders. The next day, Slashclaw came for training to find Greypaw mourning over a dying Flower, who told the warrior the story before dying. Sadness and woe overcame the toms. Now Greypaw was without a mother, and Slashclaw without his mate. They buried her near the Old Mill, her favorite place before the rogues took it over. Slashclaw could not help feeling extremely proud of Greypaw, who he knew had traveled from his kit to a tom. He convinced the RiverClan leader to come and bestow the name of Greyflame upon his son.
Slashclaw soon forgot his promise to the RiverClan leader, and kept visiting Greyflame almost daily to check up on everything and to simply be with his pride and joy. The leader of RiverClan found out, and banished Slashclaw from RiverClan, giving him the rogue name of Foxheart. He went to live with Greyflame.
That bareleaf, Greyflame woke up to yowls of battle one morning. A large group of rogues had found Foxheart and Greyflame living in the Old Mill, which was their territory. They had already attacked Foxheart, thinking that he was alone. The tom was by no means young and strong anymore, and the band of four rogues soon killed him while Greyflame watched from a hiding spot. Burning with grief and anger, the young tom stepped into sight of the rogues. Two of them recognized him as the monster who had beaten them a few moons ago by the scars on his shoulders. Remembering the pain he had given them, they turned tail and fled. Obviously the remaining two had heard stories of the loner, and followed their comrades out.
Greyflame renamed his dead father Slashclaw, despite the fact that he was dead. He buried the old tom's body next to Flower's grave, and claimed the Old Mill as his own. He lives there to this day.

Codeword: Always remember to have fun! cat
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PostSubject: Re: Greyflame   Greyflame Icon_minitimeSun Mar 18, 2007 8:27 am

Wow, very good! xD accepted, add him to your sig!
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