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 Warriors: The Next World

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PostSubject: Warriors: The Next World   Wed Mar 14, 2007 2:56 pm

Link :

Lavaclan, Leafclan, Lightclan, Moonclan, Starclan, rouges, loners, kittypets.


Leader: Goldenstar
deputy: OPEN
Medicne cat: OPEN
Medicne cat app: OPEN

Leader: Streamstar
Deputy: OPEN
Medicne cat: OPEN
Medicne cat app: OPEN

LEader Shadowstar
Deputy: OPEN
Med cat: Sootcloud
Medcat app: ((possibly taken))

Leader: Moonstar
Deputy: OPEN
Med cat: Perishsong
Med cat app: OPEN

You must not eat on a hunting patrol.
Your first loyalty is to the clan.
Kits cannot hunt unless it is supervised.
You must not eat on a hunting patrol.
The proper rituals must be followed by leaders.
The gatherings truce must be kept.
You cannot be deputy unless you have mentored an apprentice.
You must protect and defend your clan with your life.
StarClan will and must always be respected and obeyed.
The clanís safety is more important than one catís safety.
A new warriors must stand silent vigil
Leaders must travel to Moon Pool for 9 lives.
Apprentices must catch fresh-kill for the elders and bring them dry bedding.
Do not kill unless you must(THAT MEANS PERMISSION!)
Mates must be within clans.
A meddie's may not have kits or a mate.

6 to 12 moons is a Apprentice.
12 to 30 moons is a Young Warrior.
30 to 50 moons Warrior. (Able to become deputy)
50 to 100 moons is a Almost an Elder.
100 and above moons Elder

RPing Level
Activa and PG Rping level..... No cursing or graphic items.

Description of site.
This is based on the seires of Warriors. Many postions are up for grabs. Lots of terriorty for each clan, and we also not juts have warriors, but loners and kittypets.

Plot .....
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PostSubject: Re: Warriors: The Next World   Wed Mar 14, 2007 6:06 pm

Errr...there's no link xD Or at least I can't find it where it says 'Link:'
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Warriors: The Next World
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