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 Secrets of the Warriors

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PostSubject: Secrets of the Warriors   Sun Mar 25, 2007 7:45 am

This is a RP site based off of Warriors, except I changed it a little. ^^

Join Wildclan, Pureclan or Krok'ar Pack, or all of them! You can also create dead wolves/dogs and cats in Skyclan(cats) or Nor'aw Pack(wolves/dogs).

Once, there was the great Krin'ire Wolves of the East, the Krok'ar Pack of the West, Pureclan of the North, and Wildclan of the South. They hated eachother feircly, and wars broke out often on the borders. But one day, a feirce, and hostile war broke out, and Krin'ire Pack and Pureclan fought eachother feircly. Pureclan won, and Krin'ire Pack slowly faded into nothing... Some of the wolves of Krin'ire Pack left after the battle, and joined Krok'ar Pack. These wolves had hated their leader, Kire, so they left and joined the dogs of Krok'ar Pack. Then, there was peace between Krok'ar Pack and Wildclan, but Pureclan still hated Krok'ar Pack and Wildclan. Soon, however, tigers and cheetahs came from the northwest, and had soon become part of Wildclan. Then lions and mountain lions, and pumas came from the northeast, and had soon become part of Wildclan too. From the southwest came linxes, bobcats, sandcats, jaguars, and leopards, and snow leopards, from the southeast came ocelots, servals, caracals, black leopards, clouded leopards, jaguarundis, cougars, asian golden cats, andean mountain cats, and fishing cats, and all these cats joined the domestic cats of Wildclan. But, then, European Domestic cats came in a huge clan, and joined Pureclan. Then, from the east, there was open territory left, and so tibetan wolves, steppe wolves, and eastern timber wolves came and joined Krok'ar Pack. Then, from the north, mexican wolves, and tundra wolves cunningly slipped through Pureclan's territory until they reached Krok'ar Pack. They then joined the other wolves and dogs, and soon more breeds(e.g, siberian huskies, dalmations, jack russel terriers, poodles, etc) of dogs came and also joined Krok'ar Pack. Now, Krok'ar Pack, Wildclan, and Pureclan all hate one another again, and another war is seeming to break out...

Join us! ~The admin/creator is Moonfur~
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Secrets of the Warriors
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