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PostSubject: Ghost/Ghostdance/Ghostsinger   Ghost/Ghostdance/Ghostsinger Icon_minitimeFri Mar 09, 2007 2:29 pm

Name: Ghostdance/Ghostsinger/Ghost

Age: 35 moons

Gender: Male

Territory: All loner/rogue lands but lives mainly in the City

Appearance: Ghost is huge and muscular with a name that fits his pelt. It's hard to tell whether it is an off shade of white, a gray, silver, browns, or blacks, though in reality, it is mottled a soft, almost white, silver, fading and darkening into lighter grays, blacks, and whites, some tinged with other colors like brown and orange. It is almost impossible to distinguish him from where he stands, since he seems to constantly slip in and out of shadow and blend into whatever he is standing near. His eyes are a pale, shifting green, not so bright that they would give away where he stood. They are almost always cold and empty, with an unnerving stare, like that of a dead thing. He bears a tapestry of scars along his flank, and a knick out of his left ear. Another scar drags from beside his right ear across his face, ending just after his left eye.

Personality: Ghostdance is coldly savage and cruel. He despises clan cats, for in his twisted mind the killing of his fellow warriors had nothing to do with his exile from WindClan and the stripping of his name, from Ghostsinger to Ghost, which he later changed to Ghostdance, a symbol of the lives he has taken. He is a savage, unstoppable fighter with a cold temper. He can blend into any enviorment efforlessly, due to his long travels and experience he gained after his exile. He keeps to himself, his eyes, face, and voice only showing emotion when he wants them to. Even his nasty temper doesn't show through unless he wants cats to be afraid. He is a master of camoflouge, tracking, and fighting and is a decent enough hunter. He is cunning, clever, ambtious and not afraid to kill or be killed, but he has a strange, twisted, loyalty to his fellow rogues.

History: Ghostdance started off as a WindClan warrior. He was raised normally, trained normally, and grew up as would any other Clan cat. But only a few moons after his warrior ceremony, in which he was named Ghostsinger, he accidentally killed a young apprentice when he lost his patience during a mock-battle. In order to keep his horrible secret safe, he killed the cats that were there as well...all 5 warriors. But before he got a chance to think about an explanation, his own brother found him standing in a pool of blood, muzzle and claws stained crimson and fur splattered, beside six mangled bodies. Immediately, his brother fled and told the Clan. By dawn of the next day, Ghostsinger of WindClan was no more. Instead, Ghost, bloodthirsty and vengeful, prowled alone in his place.
Ghost traveled for many moons, perfecting his fighting skills, and spend many moons in the city, where fighting was cold and savage and death was an everyday thing. He gained the name Ghostdance in honor of the lives he took, and the saying that seemed to follow him "He danced the Ghost's dance, he did."
When he returned to the forest, he climbed his way in the ranks of the rogues. His name, whether Ghostsinger, Ghostdance, or just Ghost, is whispered in fear. He is second in command of all rogues, behind Jazira. He hopes one day to lead a large group of those that will follow him and rid the forest of WindClan once and for all...

Codeword: Always remember to have fun

Shatteredstar~TC leader; beautiful
Battleheart~RC deputy; skilled and deadly
Greatfoot~TC warrior; largest cat in forest
Jazira~Rogue leader; stunning and cruel
Ghostdance~Rogue 'deputy'; deadly assassin
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PostSubject: Re: Ghost/Ghostdance/Ghostsinger   Ghost/Ghostdance/Ghostsinger Icon_minitimeSun Mar 11, 2007 7:43 am

hmm, scary much?

lol, accepted.

Foxstar~ Youngest WindClan leader
Dawnkit~ Fiery, tomish she-kit of RiverClan
Shika~ Dangerous, powerful rogue
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