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 Deya ((Loner))

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PostSubject: Deya ((Loner))   Deya ((Loner)) Icon_minitimeThu Mar 15, 2007 8:37 pm

Name: Deya.

Age: 28 moons.

Gender: Female.

Rank: Loner.

Territory: Roams around rogue/loner territory, but usually Ancient Village.

Appearance: With a beige colour as her base pelt colour, her long tail is dark brown, along with mask-like markings on her face. There is a white stripe that drips between her eyes, starting from her forehead and down to her muzzle. Pointy ears are also coated black. Her muzzle and all four paws are dipped white, while her broad chest is cream. With deep blue eyes, her sight is sharp and has one of the best eye visions around.
Deya's frame is very frail, and she doesn't seem to take care of her hunger well. Skinny is one of the common words to use to describe her. Although you can see some (small) muscles under her sleek pelt, her body itself is bony. Her ribs are visible to anyone and you can see her spine slightly showing on her back. To most cats' opinions, her tail is one of her meatiest features.


Personality: Deya is actually not that fit to be a rogue, so she recently became a loner. Her standards in combat are extremely low compared to a normal fierce rogue. If she really tried, then Deya would probably be able to defend herself in most situations.
Always cautious and careful, Deya keeps an eye out every step she takes. She's always fretting about how a random rogue will eventually eat her, or something along those lines. Deya can't really trust herself, therefore she rarely trusts anyone else.
In favored food however, she does have a taste for rats, mice, and any other existing rodent. Even if they carried a sickness, Deya somehow has a tendency to not catch on being ill.

History: Mother was a rogue, and so was the father.
She was raised being a rogue cat. Both of Deya's parents were fierce and ambitious, making Deya's personality different from both of them. She was afraid to take one step outside and into the world, and got frightened by many things. Her mother called her a disgrace to most rogues, comparing her skinny frame to others' bulky and stronger build. Deya's father didn't care at all.

Deya grew up being disliked by her parents, even though they let her live with them for a while. It was only when Deya reached the age of twenty-five moons when she realized that living as a rogue was too difficult for her. She moved into the territories in and around the Ancient City, somewhere away from where her pitied parents were.

Codeword: Always remember to have fun

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PostSubject: Re: Deya ((Loner))   Deya ((Loner)) Icon_minitimeFri Mar 16, 2007 9:59 am

Good! Accepted, please add her to your sig!

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Deya ((Loner))
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