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 Ten Clans of the Forest

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PostSubject: Ten Clans of the Forest   Thu Mar 15, 2007 7:48 pm

Ten different Clans, Ten different territories....

Site Brief

Ten Clans of the forest (otherwise known as TCOTF) is an active Warrior RPG site. We have 140 members and are looking for more active members. Someone is on every single day. We have unique clans to chose from, AshClan, RageClan, IceClan, BoulderClan, BlazeClan, FernClan, MeadowClan, DuneClan, FogClan and BeachClan. Right now, the clans are facing an odd group of intruders.

So which will you choose?

The steep volcano of AshClan?
The hardened lava fields of RageClan?
The snowy terrain of IceClan?
The towering peaks of BoulderClan?
The charred forests of BlazeClan?
The fern forests of FernClan?
The wide open spaces in MeadowClan?
The rolling desert of DuneClan?
The misty swamps of FogClan?
Or the Peaceful Beaches of BeachClan?

The possibilities are endless!




A large tom cat padded his way into a small abanndoned fox den, his paws caked with the dry blood of another cat. A scrawny gray cat was sitting patiently at the end of the den. "Well, are the cats of Soul World pleased ?" he asked. The scrawny cat glanced at the pile of oddly shaped shells at her paws.
"No," she murrowed silently. The one sacrafice was not enough. We need more," she hesitated. "Blood. The cats of the Soul World have sent me a sign through my dreams, and there will be great horrors forced on The Wanderers if we do not please them soon. We need to find more cats, and our ancestors have told me just how to minipulate them into becoming our sacraficial offerings. Now we just have to find them."

A strange group of unwelcome cats, known only as The Wanderers, showed up at a recent gathering bearing an odd message. "Join us, and you will experience the true pleasure of living, and eternally go to the Soul World when your time in the forest is up." Most clans don't know what to think of it, and leave the gathering, going on with their normal lifes. Suspiciously after they arrive, cats of almost every clan are disapearing. As the clans desperatley search for the missing, The Wanderers are becoming more strange, and hostile as well. Soon after, it was discovered that some of the missing cats seem to have joined the group of cats. The clans are getting ripped and torn in every direction. What will become of them?
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Ten Clans of the Forest
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