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 True Destiny

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PostSubject: True Destiny   Sat Mar 10, 2007 6:30 am

Every cat has a

Site Name: Warriors: True Destiny
Difficulty: Intermediate

Admin: Sunrise
Co-Admins: Autumn, Bird
Creation Date: November 2006
Activity: OK
News: We just got out of MM and an Acitivity Check. We're getting back on our feet from a small downfall. We're having a gathering on March 19th!

Plot Intro:
Current Plot: All About Us
Poison. Shadow. Pain. Claws. Flame. Sapphire. Knife. Leaf. Ocean. Coral. Drake. Sand. Rose. Weed. Sky. They may look like normal names, but they’re not any normal cats. These cats are different. When they were kits or whenever they came into The Lab, they were genetically altered. Scientists did unique things to them, their powers to be revealed as they get older and older. Poison and Shadow are the caretakers of this “family”. The group goes nowhere without each other. Of course, they’re not blood related So many cats, all different ages? Couldn’t be blood related. Some of them are. Like the siblings Drake and Sand, and the siblings Sapphire, Weed and Sky, but otherwise they only knew each other from looking through the bars in the cages that they were locked in for their lives up till now. They’ve escaped with other mutants known as Killers on their tails. They travel until the run across the clans lands. What will happen? This is Warriors: True Destiny, this is the Plot, This is All About

Every cat has a
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True Destiny
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