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 Forest of Reflections

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PostSubject: Forest of Reflections   Fri Mar 09, 2007 5:01 pm

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An Ancient Tale
Long ago, a terrible storm brought four ordinary house cats together. Caught in a storm while they were outside, they sought refuge from the relentless winds and pounding rain. They met in a cave, and came across a jet black stone. In a blinding light, they were given knowledge from the cats in the heavens whom they called StarClan. The four ventured out into the forest, establishing territories and ways to uphold respect. Many joined them. These 'Clans' were named after the legendary cats as were their former leaders. LionClan: Faithful and courageous, CheetahClan: Swift and Wise, LeopardClan: Muscular and Sharp, and TigerClan: Powerful and Keen.

The Forest of Reflections introduces a different generation of warriors. The site brings you back in time to when LionClan, CheetahClan, LeopardClan, and TigerClan still roamed the forest. They believed in a tale which was lost in the newest generation of cats; the creation of the Clans, also called The Ancient Tale. The slogan of the site, the past is now the present, shows the Clans told about in stories, are currently 'rulers' of the forest. LionClan is like Thunderclan, CheetahClan is like WindClan, LeopardClan is like RiverClan, and TigerClan is like ShadowClan. The Clans are living in a different forest then that in the books, but the areas that they call home are similar. An exciting plot is being formed, all Clans and even cats outside the Clans will be involved. All of the staff has been working for a while on the site, and we hope you enjoy it. Our goal is to have many active members that fun and have a great roleplaying experience.

The Staff
-Wolfdance: Wolfdance is the head administrator who started up the site and its ideas. She is head of LionClan. She has helped with plot ideas.
-Birchpelt Birchpelt is one of our co-admins. She helped bring life to our rouge baords. She is leader of the band of rouges and TigerClan medicine cat. She has also helped with plot ideas.
-Foxfur: Foxfur is the last of our co-admins. She is CheetahClan medicine cat apprentice and has helped with plot ideas.
-Hawkstar: Hawkstar is another global moderator. She made the CheetahClan territory boards and four of the CheetahClan camp boards. She is the leader of CheetahClan.
-Spiderstar: Spiderstar is our third moderator. She is LeopardClan leader and is known as Creamy in the Cbox.
-Silverfrost: Silverfrost is the last of the global moderators. She is TigerClan leader.

Come and join us and be a part of this active roleplaying community!
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Forest of Reflections
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