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 Warrior code, with Medicine Cat laws

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PostSubject: Warrior code, with Medicine Cat laws   Sun Mar 04, 2007 3:49 pm

Warrior Code

Before you can be annouced as a leader you must fufill your warriorship and recive your nine lives from StarClan.

Even the leader must obey the Medicine Cat

Deputies must be named before Moonhigh

If you are a she-cat and take either of these positions, you can not bear kits. A mate is acceptable

In order to become deputy you must be picked by your leader and have trained at least one apprentice and have completed your trainning and recive the proper ceremony.

To become a warrior, you must have completed your trainning and have visited the moonstone at least once and have recived the proper ceremony.

To recieve the title of an apprentice, you must be at the appropiate age of six moons and have recived the proper ceremony.

None shall kill in cold blood

None shall feed an individual, including one self, before the clan

Leaders and deputies, including medicine cats, must be obeyed. Commands must be carried out by all cost.

None shall betray their clan by sharing secerets with another

A truce is to be kept every full moon under StarClan's eyes

All shall be loyal

No relations, meaning mates, can be kept with other clan cats(that aren't your own), rogues, loners or kittypets.

Medicine Cat Law

No she-cat medicine cat may bear kits

Medicine cats must stay out of clan problems with other clans

Every quarter moon medicine cats must meet at the Moonstone to share to tongues with StarClan.

No word shall be uttered in the presence of the Moonstone

The Clan comes first
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Warrior code, with Medicine Cat laws
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