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PostSubject: Terms   Sun Mar 04, 2007 1:28 pm

Stupid furball - A friendly teasing term between Clanmates and Clans or an insult.

Bossy furball - An insult for a cat who orders everyone about. It can also be a teasing insult.

Slow slug - Usually a friendly teasing term between Clanmates and Clans, but can also be an insult.

Mousebrain - An insult which can also be used to tease Clanmates.

Mousedung - An insult, more offensive than mousebrain, but less offensive than foxdung.

Foxdung - An insult, more offensive than mousedung and crowfood.

When hedgehogs fly - A saying that means something is impossible.

Mouse-brained - A term used to describe something foolish.

Sharing tongues - A term used to describe cats grooming each other and sharing news.

Leaf-bare - The season of winter.

Newleaf - The season of spring.

Greenleaf - The season of summer.

Leaf-fall - The season of autumn.

Moon - From one full moon to another. (A month)

Moonhigh - The point in time when the moon is highest in the sky, or midnight.

Sunhigh - The point in time when the sun is highest in the sky, or noon.

Fresh-kill - Fresh caught prey.

Crowfood - Rotting, dead prey or garbage. It is also used as an insult, less offensive than foxdung.

Gathering - A meeting that the Clans hold in peace when the moon is at its fullest.

Moonstone - A place where medicine cats meet and share dreams with StarClan. Leaders also come here to recieve their nine lives, or to just share dreams with StarClan.

Silverpelt - The large swath of stars in the sky (the Milky Way). StarClan is represented by Silverpelt.

Kittenstep - About an inch.

Mouse-length - About two inches.

Pawstep - About six inches

Tail-length - About a foot.

Fox-length - About a yard.

Thunderpath - A road used by twolegs.

Monster - A human vehicle such as cars, trucks, and other wheeled transportation tools.

Halfbridge - A dock.

Twoleg - A human.

Twoleg kit - A human child.

Twoleg nest - A human house.

Twolegplace - A human town.

Carrionplace - A human dump.

Greenleaf Twolegplace - A place where humans visit only in the summer, like a campsite or recreational place.

Horseplace - A horse ranch or stable.

Cutter - a veterinarian, usually one specialized in spaying and neutering.

Green-pelt things - A camping tent that humans sleep in.

Water-monster - A motor-boat.
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