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 Clan Positions

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PostSubject: Clan Positions   Sun Mar 04, 2007 1:08 pm

Leader - A leader is the cat who runs the clan. They become leader if they are deputy and the former leader dies. They must travel to the Moonstone to reieve their nine lives and their name. All leaders names end in -star.

Deputy - The deputy is the cat who is second-in-command to the Clan leader. The deputy is in charge of organizing patrols and hunting parties, and succeeds the leader after he/she loses all nine lives from battle, age, or sickness. In the case that the deputy dies, the leader must appoint a new deputy before moonhigh, or midnight.

Medicine cat - The medicine cat is trained specifically in the ways of healing, although they can also fight. They also receive messages from StarClan and interpret them. Medicine cats stand outside of the rivalries between the Clans. A medicine cat will heal an injured cat and can even tell the leader what to do. Each clan has one medicine cat, but there may also be an apprentice. They are allowed to take a mate, but, unless they are male, cannot have kits.

Warrior - A cat, tom or she-cat, trained in combat. Warriors defend, hunt, and fight for their Clan. They also are in charge of training apprentices to become warriors. A warrior may only have one apprentice at a time, although they may supervise the training of apprentices lacking mentors.

Queen - A she-cat expecting or nursing kits. They may also choose to stay nursery queens, even without kits. This can be caused by injuries or age. They stay in the nursery until their kits become

Apprentice - A cat who, at six moons old, begins training to become a warrior or medicine cat. They train daily to practice battle and hunting skills, and also care for the elders. Their names end with -paw and they become warriors when their mentor and leader feel that they are ready.

Kit - A kitten, who is not yet old enough to be an apprentice. They are not allowed to hunt or leave the camp alone. Very young kits do not normally leave the nursery, however, older kits are allowed to do so. Their names always end with -kit.

Elder - A retired warrior, queen, medicine cat, or deputy. Elders are usually cared for by apprentices.

Loner - a cat that lives neither with a Clan or with humans, normally used to describe a friendly rogue.

Rogue - Another term for loner, but more offensive. They are cats, usually more hostile than a loner, who is part of no Clan, or a cat who was exiled from his original Clan. Rogues will sometimes live with other rogues, but they generally travel alone or with their mate.
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Clan Positions
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