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 True Destiny: Diseased

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PostSubject: True Destiny: Diseased   Mon Jun 18, 2007 9:28 am


As we grow weaker, they grow stronger. Disease will come and the pure will be forgotten.

An evil force lies in the forest, one not even StarClan can fight off. These are the StarClan rejects, exiles. a new clan has been formed with these sinister cats. They call themselves SoulClan and they have begun to prey on the living. No one is sure how, but it is said that when a cat cannot be woken from thier sleep these dead exiles are visiting them. It can take anywhere from seconds to moons to awaken. Very few survive the fights within the endless forest in their dream with their own soul intact. These cats of SoulClan have found a way to walk with the living. They become a voice inside the cat's head, controlling them. Soon the SoulClan cats will have an army ready, or so they hope, and they will once and for all rid the forest of the clans. The only safe place for the non-diseased cats is the gathering place as they StarClan force is strong enough to keep the diseased cats away. StarClan cannot do anything, but if all the uneffected cats worked together would it be enough? It is unlikely they will cooperate, how will the forest survive, for day by day StarClan's strength fails and the SoulClan cats come closer and closer to being able to reach the ones safe at the gathering place. Can their power be defeated?

Disease has entered the forest, many will fall, who will overcome?

Warriors: True Destiny
Version Diseased
Will you help and join the fight for survival?

^^ Click to enter the diseased forest ^^
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True Destiny: Diseased
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