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 One Forest

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PostSubject: One Forest   Mon Apr 02, 2007 9:04 pm


Two clans of city cats grew tired of the noisy city- the cats of Sapphire street, and those of Ruby street. Food was rare, the cars were loud, and the twolegs were constantly chasing them out of their homes. Gathering themselves as one group, both clans made the long journey to the nearest place without twolegs they could find. It happened to be a forest.

The forest was large enough for the two to live together, but constant fighting broke the two clans apart. A large river that divided the forest in half, split the two clans apart. The west side was claimed by the newly named RubyClan, and the east side was claimed by SapphireClan. For moons the two clans lived in peace, until a very bloody full moon.

Nightstar; leader of SapphireClan was killed by a mad warrior named Bloodtooth of RubyClan. Though Bloodtooth had been suffering from an illness no cat knew about, and died shortly after, SapphireClan's anger boiled into creating a war with RubyClan. For moons the two clans fought at every moment, even ignoring gatherings.

Many brave cats died in this war until finally the decreasing size of the clans forced the leaders to declare peace. Still hostile feelings were kept, and the only time the two clans meet peacefully as at gatherings. No romances bloomed between the two clans, until just recently.

Of course which two cats are in love is yet to be known. But soon, the secret will come out.


The site was just created recently, and therefore lacks members. This means that most if not all high ranks are claimable.

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One Forest
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