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 Plethora of Pokemon

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PostSubject: Plethora of Pokemon   Sun Mar 25, 2007 6:08 pm

Note Ai just made it two days ago, so it doesn't have much on it right now.
It's a work in progress.

Anyway, any of you like to role play Pokemon?
Then feel free to join, though my site may seems different from others....

Sick and tired of just following the same things over and over again? Sick of going from route to route, city to city on the same adventure?
Well, PoP{Plethora of Pokemon} has some differences for you!

Not only is there different classes to choose from, their are also different paths for you to take! Of course, if you wish, you can take the same Trainer path. Or you can signed up at the Academy, and expand your mind about the world of Pokemon, while also training your Pokemon and meeting new people.

Don't enjoy the trainer way? Have no fear, if you wish your character can be a Teacher within the Academy, or a Photographer, snapping pictures, or a Breeder. Or even join as one of the evil members of Team Azure.
See? With PoP you can be whatever your heart desires. {Except for a talking pizza box.}

With opening of PoP comes greatness, and I am currently looking for Admins, and such.
So what are you waiting for? Come! Pokemon lovers of all kinds {Or not} come and Join Plethora of Pokemon! {You won't regret it!}

~~Ai Admin of PoP.
Otherwise known as Arrow on PoD

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Plethora of Pokemon
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