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 Last Chance II

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PostSubject: Last Chance II   Tue Mar 20, 2007 4:58 pm

Last Chance II


Silvercomet has left the Tribe and has returned to RiverClan. The Tribe is only a minor nusance to the Clans now. And in the rush of cats joining RiverClan, a new cat was found. Tinynight, Silvercomets cousin, has begun to put down roots in RiverClan. He has already helped Lilypetal deliver her kits and has begun to make friends. But Tinynight has been possessed by Longfrost, Mothstar's evil, dead brother. Tinynight is doing his bidding and only Wrathfang knows. A comet is going to hit the Gathering on April 2nd. Crowwing, Lilypetal, Longwhisker and Stormcloud are going to be killed and every leader will lose a life. The only cat that can save the forest is the RiverClan warrior, Whiteshadow.

Latest in the Plot Line

The pact from the Clans has ended, along with the gathering. The Clans return to their normal selves, Rainspirit, now Rainstar trying to get over the fact that Leopardstar is dead. When she receives her lives, she is confused to see that Leopardstar is not there. When she asks the old Rainstar where she was, her answer had been, “Closer than you think,” but Rainstar does not notice that in Wolfcry’s litter, the kitten named Leopardkit is a reincarnation. In RiverClan, Dragondance has nearly killed Robindance, then she runs away from RiverClan and calls herself Dragon, her old BloodClan name. Silvercomet follows, and breaks StarClan’s precious name that they gave him and gives himself his temporarily BloodClan name and loner, tribe name, Silver. This gives Tinynight no blocking to get more cats, which he does under Longfrost’s order, and becomes more of a demon himself. Whiteshadow, a RiverClan warrior has declared love with Creampaw, the ThunderClan medicine cat! But does all know how much against the warrior code this is in two ways? A she-cat medicine cat having kits, and having kits with another Clan cat. The kits will be half Clans, but they can’t stay in ThunderClan where all the cats will find out that Creampaw has broke the warrior code. And more, she’s an apprentice, which will cut into class time. Scince Whiteshadow is too busy being with Creampaw, Tinynight and Longfrost have nothing stopping them to getting and killing more cats!

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Last Chance II
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