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PostSubject: ____________WANDERLUST   Sun Mar 18, 2007 11:16 am

___________Project TWIG
The small town of Kaono (located on Xanctsu Island, off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada) has become the site of a handful of researchers, biologists, and conservationalists; all working for the sole purpose of studying the wolves of the island. Some were taken from other parts of the world and brought to Xanctsu Island to rebuild the wolf population while other wolves are native to the land.

___________The Town
Kaono is reknown in the dogsled-racing world as a hotspot. Not only is the island secluded, and almost all the residents of Kaono are mushers, but there is one grand race that occurs annually which takes the mushers and their teams through the whole island. There are no second or third place finishes to be awarded. Just one first place winner will see the trophy and find the glory associated with being the best musher on the island for that year.

But the fact of the matter is that dogsledding is no easy task. The race is not for first-timers. And, once out on the field, the only thing the mushers have to worry about is signing into their checkpoints as fast as possible to get the best start the next day. Aside from that, there are no rules.

___________The Wolves
The wolves native to the land have learned that the humans are predators, and that they can live peacefully amongst each other if they don't wander too close to town. The problem came when the tagged wolves started popping up, and stories started forming. Packs emerged, made from combinations of tagged and native wolves, and lines were drawn. Every wolf in it's right mind knows that an Alpha Pack wolf would jump at the chance to kill a Pillow Pack wolf and vice-versa. It was that simple. They also know that the one pack lead by native wolves, the Xanctsu Pack, is generally not one to jump into frivolous fights and is generally neutral when it comes to the tag controversy--oh yes, there is a tag controversy amongst the wolves.

You see, some wolves believe the tags re a curse. They are foreign objects placed on their ears by humans. Some wolves want to wait it out and see what happens, while others believe that the tagged wolves should be dealt with now before something horrible happens to them. Some wolves, however, think nothing of the tags. They don't beleive they are good or bad, and don't worry about the potential consequences. Every wolf has a theory about them, though. Be sure of that.

Wanderlust is a play-by-post wolf/dogsledding role playing game. Its members vary in ages and writing styles; there is no standard for joining and no post requirements. We only ask that you remain active and post to the best of your ability. Wanderlust is a friendly community and, best of all, is a hosted website--meaning no popups![url]
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