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 Rules For Posting

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PostSubject: Rules For Posting   Sun Mar 04, 2007 12:02 pm


-No chatspeak. The occasional 'brb', 'omg', 'lol', or 'gtg' are acceptable in the chatbox but in posts for RPs they are out of the question. Please use correct words.

-No cussing. As said earlier, mild cussing is accepted in the chatbox or chat threads, but not in RPs.

-When writing OOC, or Out Of Character, posts, please put them in parentheses. For example:

"Socks finally caught the mouse." ((Do you want to finish this thread elsewhere?))

This way, a read will not be mixed up between the post and OOC comment.

-All posts must be at least four lines. When you are typing a post, it may look like four lines when, in actuality, it is less. Be sure to check after each post and if it IS less, just 'Edit' it.

-Please check for spelling and grammar. I'm not asking for Mark Twain, but please people; puncuation, capitalization at the beginning of sentences and proper nouns, correct writing of dialogue, etc. Is that to much to ask? Spelling, too. Its one thing for a person to accidentally write 'alltogether' in stead of 'all together', but if your writing isn't legible, you will be PMed about it.

-NO godmoding or powerplaying. Powerplay is pretty much taking control of another person's character. For example:

"Muffin pounced on Socks and scratched his muzzle. He yowled in pain, scrambled to his paws, and fled."

Notice out Muffin's RPer took control of Socks' without him having a say, despite the fact that Socks is not their character. Godmoding on the other hand is, for lack of a better word, making your cat invincible. For example, if he charges into the WindClan and defeats the whole clan without a scratch.

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Rules For Posting
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