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 --If you want a link to show up in your Advertisment, READ--

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PostSubject: --If you want a link to show up in your Advertisment, READ--   Fri Mar 16, 2007 10:11 am

Okay, bestgoo is stupid in a few ways. One of those is that links don't show up. The field you type in when you post a topic is like a miny Microsoft Word. In order to get your Link in you have two ways.

1.) Switch to HTML mode when typing. In the top right hand corner there is a thing that looks like this A/A . When you're typing your message, keep it on Normal (the way it is when you first open it up) When you're adding a link, though, switch to HTML mode bye clicking that button. Add in the link, then switch back. Preview to the post to make sure its there, then post it.

2.) This way, I think, is easier and makes your advertisment look better. Just type in a word (say Link or Warrior Cats), highlight the word, then go to the top and click the little picture of the globe () It will say 'Please enter the URL of your link'. Just paste the link of your site into it, then press okay. Now, when you post it, the person only has to click on the word. I think this way is much easier than way 1, and less risky.

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--If you want a link to show up in your Advertisment, READ--
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